1. Cart operators must have a driver’s license or learners permit to operate a Golf              Cart. Operators with learners permit must be accompanied by a Licensed Driver.

2. Allow faster players to play through.

3. Five-somes are the most allowed in a group. In times of heavy play, singles and              twosomes may be asked to combine with other players.

4. Everyone must start on #1 tee unless instructed by the pro-shop of an open hole.

5. GUEST POLICY: A member may not bring more than four guests and they must            be accompanied by a member at all times.

6. No refunds or rain checks will be issued after five holes have been played per nine        holes.

7. Players making the turn must alternate with players starting.

8. Two-ball rule will be enforced. No more than two balls may be played on any shot.

9. No one is allowed to move from hole to hole to avoid other golfers.

10. Walking, jogging and bicycling are not permitted on the golf course.

11. Retrieving golf balls from the creek, etc., must not be done during regular playing            hours.

12. Three blasts from the horn, you must seek shelter. One long blast, you may resume        play.

13. Shag balls are to be hit only at the practice range tee box.

14. Anyone hitting over the practice range net will be asked to leave.

15. No children are allowed to play on the golf course and around the creek. Parents            must be responsible for their children. Any injury will be the responsibility of the              parent. Children under the age of 13 must play with an adult.

16. Children of members, under nine years of age, may not pay cart fee to play golf.            Children nine years and older, must pay all applicable fees.

17. Children of members, under the age of 23, still residing under the care of or in                school, shall have membership privileges under their parents.

18. Grandchildren, under the age of fifteen (15), playing with their grandparents, shall          only be required to pay a cart fee. This rule excludes weekends and holidays.

19. STUDENT MEMBERS will not be allowed to play on weekends and holidays until            after 2:00 p.m.

20. No one under 16 years of age is allowed on the Golf Course during Tournament              play unless employed by the Club or they are participating in the Tournament.

21. Dress Code:  Neat and acceptable attire is required. Cut-offs, tank tops, tee shirt            and half shirts are not allowed. Shirts and shoes are required.

22. Free drop from all flower beds and mulched areas.

23. Rocks in bunkers will be considered loose impediment and can be moved.




Rain, frost, ice or flooding delays may occur. These will be                               determined and managed by the Greens Superintendent and Pro Shop                          Staff.


The driver of a golf cart must have a valid automobile driver’s                                  license.  Only two people are to ride in a cart and only two bags                                    are to be carried on a cart except in case of an emergency.  Golf                                    carts shall be operated strictly in accordance with printed rules                                    including those on the cart rental contract.  Specifically, while                                    renting a golf cart, members are responsible for any damage to                                    the cart incurred by an accident and such damage is to be                                    reported to the pro shop staff on the same day the accident                                  occurs.  Golf carts are not to be otherwise driven within ten yards or thirty feet of sand traps, tees and/or greens.  Carts may not be driven anywhere on par three holes except on cart paths.  Carts are not permitted in the rough beyond the tree line.



Children may participate in club activities on their parents                                  membership until they reach age 18, at which time they are                                    expected to convert to a Junior Membership, except or unless they                                   are living at home with their parents or they are under the custodial care of their parents – e.g. away at school or college.  In this event, they may wait until their 23rd             birthday, when it is mandatory that they convert to Junior Membership within 90 days of their 23rd birthday.